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Do I have to come to the same timeslot every session?

Yes, the timeslot you select will be the team you train with every session. Your teammates will support you and keep you accountable throughout your Man-Up journey. Routine is a tried and tested method when it comes to health and fitness.

Do I have to have gym experience or a base level of fitness to join Man-Up?

No, this program caters for those who have NEVER stepped foot in a gym as well as those who are fed up with the “circus” of commercial gyms. Man-Up is a purpose built program for the every man looking for strength, fitness and energy gains. It is a pathway to a new, more active, and healthy life.

What if I have an injury concern, like a sore lower back? Will it be safe to join?

Yes, you will receive support and pre-screening from our Man-Up Coaching Staff. Pre-existing injuries will be dealt with through specific program guidance to ensure you are supported through your Man Up journey.

Will I get nutritional support during the Challenge?

Yes, you will receive comprehensive nutritional support throughout the Man-Up 12 Week Challenge. You can expect simple to follow nutritional guidelines with ways to track your progress and keep you accountable. Our team of professionals will provide you with plenty of ideas for tasty meals and snacks to make sure you enjoy your food!

Is there any parking at the Man-Up Locations?

Yes, each location has parking available on site. You will receive details about this from your coach.

Can I join the Man-Up 12 Week Challenge if I need to miss sessions?

Yes, we have specially designed programs that can be completed with no equipment while you are away for work or holidays.

Will I get some kind of support outside of the 3 sessions per week?

Yes, while participating in the Man-Up 12 week Challenge you will be supported every step of the way. In the end, it is up to you how much effort you put into anything in life HOWEVER, we are adamant that every single man who commits to the challenge will be supported, motivated, educated and tested throughout their journey. Each Man Up Location has a dedicated Group Facebook Page where you can share banter with the men at your location as well as ask questions of your coach, and our nutrition and allied health team. This is a forum where you can enjoy additional knowledge in a closed environment, expect photos, info on additional challenge sessions, extra nutrition tips and more. You will also receive calls and texts from your coach to see how you are travelling in your Man-Up journey, weekly nutritional support, energy tracking and suggested training outside of your scheduled 3 sessions per week and much much more. Also don’t forget the support from your new teammates!

I don’t need to lose weight, I want to gain lean muscle mass. Is this program for me?

Yes, definitely! Our programs and training sessions are designed to whip you into shape no matter what your starting point is and what your goals are. If you are looking to gain lean muscle mass - you have come to the right place.

How quickly will I see results?

It depends largely on the effort you are willing to put in, but we usually say that between 2-4 weeks after starting you will begin to see changes in both your body and fitness.

Can I pay for just one session?

No - this is a complete program that requires a 12 week commitment and high level of dedication from you. You will not see results from just one session.

If I can’t do the whole 12 weeks’ worth of sessions, can I just do a portion?

This is a 12 week commitment and we want serious people seeking serious results. 12 weeks is the optimal time period as you see results in 4 weeks, your friends and family see results in 8 weeks and the rest of the world sees results in 12 weeks.

Will I lose weight?

Yes. The program has been design to decrease body fat % through strength & metabolic condition exercises that help accelerate fat loss.

Will I increase lean muscle?

Yes. We have equipment based workouts that help build muscle strength & endurance and create a leaner & stronger version of you!